Tag: chaos


  • Zalek Korritarer

    "The flames of war break many: Domiel became a tyrant, Gangemell a coward, Scattershot a fool, Greeves a nostalgic, Varixio a womaniser, Pict a savage, Starbane a phychopath, Full-Bright a whore, Tasmaser a sadist, Trassk an addict, Yagaw a …

  • Desire

    "Why suffer? I won't let that happen, You want safety? Nothing exsists that can hurt my children, Desire anything? I can obtain what you need."

  • Mejula Yagaw

    "We don't all get a second chance, We don't all see the demons inside, sometimes giving in is the only option" -Theran Yagaw "Hurry back my pet, You'll be so proud, I have perfected it, Elevated myself, I'll elevate you, Ascend into that of …

  • Ne'Nal

    You think strength is physical, disease and injury will take you, You think your mind is resiliant, fear and insanity will destroy you, No, beauty leads leads to perfection and nothing can topple perfection.

  • Rofass Sasen

    Only the flames of war ignite my passions, Weaklings dither in their false peace, The strong survive everything else should just die. The flames of battle call, The frost will melt away in the chosen's presence, The fire of battle, The fire of a …

  • Tryd Hund

    "Not everyone chooses their path, I can only submit to the new powers, Only I can contain such power"

  • Kifarian Ulaana

    "Nope" "someone must go" "no means no" "If you don't go we'll torture and kill you" "Thank the emperor let's get it over with"

  • The old king

    "Nothing no longer." -Truthteller "Nothing, no more." -Touch "Nothing is left" -Prince Victrein of Saim-Hann "Nothing forever" -Kifarian Ulaana