Tag: Slave


  • Jouna Grol

    "Mind destroyed, Barely functional, Follows orders, A fundamental success." "With Fes gone I need a new assistant, Try not to drool everywhere, You are a fucking abomination, A piece of flesh given life from my will alone, Don't forget that, …

  • The bound

    "She has lost her mind, She sees no value in human life, It is hard to tell what she is working towards, All I know is she must be stopped."

  • Yggra'nya's Extractor

    "To die is to feed the enemy, All our knowledge to become theirs, To fall and die is the gravest sin one can commit, If you are weak, If you will die, Let me destroy your body before you lose us this war."

  • Kra'ta'than

    "All that remains is death. Do not believe there is anything else for you, Now tell me, How do you wish to die? I shall mercifully grant your request, Haha." -Vexa'Trix the Agoniser

  • Yggra'nya's Collector

    "Their enormity is matched only by their stupidity."-Dr Galfrein "They are an issue when they lack guidance."-Temperus Ulmatra "They are almost blind. Just don't get seen."-Beilash Onerant "Why am I banished to this hell?"-Blackbird