Tag: Singer


  • Lil' Julie

    "The Dominoes on top of the world, Head of the port, Leaders of the new world, Funny ain't it." "Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls, We got a new job, We're like real mercs now, Let's show them what the dominoes can do."

  • Melka "Melody" Brann

    "I've worked with a lot of guardsman and criminals, Pirates, smugglers, Gangers, I've worked even with the inquisition, I love meeting and working with new people, So fancy hiring me, I've got a lot of experience and my rates are very reasonable." …

  • Starlight

    "Ladies an gentlemen, The moment you've all been waiting for, The number one attraction, Starlight." -Cynthia Krio "I see mistress, Is that all that is required, That is easily achievable. Have no fear your will shall be followed through, I am …