Tag: Psyker


  • Prince Victrein of Saim-Hann

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  • Moloch Cremane

    "Yep, He's crazy, A crazy psyker, It's not uncommon, as an aside don't get too close he's also a swordmaster" -Theran Yagaw "Inquisitor! The folds are starting to recede, Unreality crumbles, The Immaterium frays, Seeks to penetrate the veil, …

  • Madam Frida Kurresh Quint

    "Cursed, Blessed, These are just words, My life is my own, Try and label it again and I'll rend your soul." "How droll, Trapped in this room for days on end, I have little to do in this dark dull room, Argh I need to find something to occupy my …

  • Velvetine

    "When you see more than everyone you have to be more careful of obsticles, Less rush, Less action, Fail to plan and well... You know what they say... Choices have consequences."

  • Thais Minana

    "Let his light engulf you, Be remade and fight for his name, No longer an outcast now one of the inner circle." -Inquisitor Eveline Kleftogiannis "Fornel is a peculiarity, Due to the Tyranid presence there is still a vague shadow in the warp, Due …

  • Blackbird

    "She scares me, Her speech and manner, Her dress and attitude, Her viage and mind, They appear completely natural, That is the problem." -Rose Kipperin

  • Light

    "By my light or his, One way or another all will be judged, Hope you are not found wanting." "My mind shows the path, It will lead only to ruin, Death is it's prime destination, But you seek to disobey the correct course, You seek the freedom of …

  • The companions

    "We are her left and right hands." "I serve in the light." "I served in the shadows." "We are prepared for the new beginning." "The complete ending." "We are the faithful." "We are the heathens." "We will know success." "Indeed."

  • Tharja Le'hamia

    "I've known of your group for quite some time, More than I should of, Strange with such beasts in your accompaniment, Well never the matter you've come to your senses. Well you have some things that are interesting, The Dr. however is an eyesore …

  • Ka'Hana

    "The story continues, You will see it, The tale of three enemies, Three monsters, Coming together to defeat a terror so grave as to unite these foes, To see the truth of the matter, The lies of the many." "The dance begins again, The story is …

  • The Screamer

    "Tzeentch will burn the truth into your ungrateful ears, You are nothing but pawns, Remember to move according to the next assigned plan, You fools will die, That is the change I'll inflict on the universe."

  • All'ae Llet're

    "She sees as an individual, There are few others like her, An exception talent, One that must be guarded, One that must be forever protected, She is viewed with suspicion if found, Make sure no one sees her, do you understand?" -Beilash Onerant

  • Vacal Dannai

    "I am not a noble, Not better than any of my kind, We must fight and die to save our race, There is an enemy stronger than we could imagine, These monsters are not something we should fight alone, I am unsure we can defeat them alone, There are few …