Tag: Performer


  • 'Drix'

    "No, no, never been in the guard, Never in a merc house, or a beast pit, not a ganger no, look i'm just a merc that so hard to get." "He's only saying that to sound cool, He's a softy and really cares about people, Just don't take him too …

  • Kia Bernieri

    "Getting chased by emperor knows what day after day, I hear it's some sorta curse, I just want my life back." "No better, No better, Why no matter where I go, No matter how far I run, This never ends." "Millardo, You do not know me, I barely …

  • Starlight

    "Ladies an gentlemen, The moment you've all been waiting for, The number one attraction, Starlight." -Cynthia Krio "I see mistress, Is that all that is required, That is easily achievable. Have no fear your will shall be followed through, I am …

  • 'Lady' Queenly

    "A lot of folks wanna take their betters, Now no real noble would work here, A fallen one however, Of course security is tight around her, A lot of animosity towards them." -Cynthia Krio

  • Angel

    "Not a lot of people wanna make it with a mutant, With an angel however.... Well there is a market for it, Especially for the ministorum types." -Cynthia Krio

  • Luri

    "A fierce treat, A woman that's show you a wild time, A true example of a feral worlder, Feral in every sense of the word." -Cynthia Krio

  • Lana lattri

    "Some men like strength, Some men like honour, Some men like purity, She is a poor reflection of each of these, She is the model of a convinient lie." -Cynthia Krio

  • Lady Mask

    "She's real good at bringing people on board, We were gonna do what she want anyway, Sooooo of course she's gonna be one of us." -Lil Julie "Of course, A representative, A diplomat, I have few official credentials, Ah you seem well informed, If …

  • Mastrianni

    "Kind, Cute, A real nice girl, I don't know if it's an act, Most people get her for a girlfriend or lover experience, Some are so happy with her they don't even fuck her, Costs the same though." -Cynthia Krio "I know what needs doing, This is …

  • Amity

    "It's disgusting really, Subjecting her to something like this, But this world is brutal and my clients desires are what I fulfil, So she's available as the others are." -Cynthia Krio

  • Fivarious Carron

    _"You think me a villain? A trope as ageless as theater itself; the villain. Whimsically quaint is it not? How quickly the audience accepts an act as being evil. Without a second thought they will receive a writers image and bathe in it, taking the side …

  • Tva'aan

    "Both shades are needed, The light and the dar, We act to bridge them, We act to show the truth and obscure it all at once. Cooperation is all that's required." "Remember where you are Mon-Keigh."

  • Challian A'var

    "Haha, The sappers ran into their own mines, Hoho, The captain... hehe right in the middle of his speech, His head like an exploding melon, Hahaha, Retreating a tank into an open gorge, Bwhahaha, This war is a masterpiece is motion." "Death …

  • Ka'Hana

    "The story continues, You will see it, The tale of three enemies, Three monsters, Coming together to defeat a terror so grave as to unite these foes, To see the truth of the matter, The lies of the many." "The dance begins again, The story is …

  • O'taha

    "Oh how fortuitous a collection of greater aspect, Our masque is complete, We dance in the twilight, We demonstrate the stories of the past in the battles of today, But for this particular performance the story carries out once more." "The circle, …