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  • Message carved into what seems to be grox hide

    "YOU WILL COME TO FORNEL, YOU WILL FREEZE, YOU SHALL TREMBLE, I SHALL HUNT YOU, YOU WILL DIE, IT WILL BE A GOOD HUNT, DO NOT DISAPPOINT ME" No sight of messenger found, no change in security observed, suggest guard to Rogue trader be increased

  • Re: astropaths

    As a follow up to the message from the astropath in our Med bay I personally looked into the prophecy. Reports are coming in from 7 identified systems and further reports are expected. I ask our transcendent to look into it if you so please. I will …

  • Message to rogue trader

    I'm unhappy and want a reimbursement. That arse in the pink coat came with the sick looking bitch from engineering. Played me and my boys couple of games of poker. He cheated I swear to the emperor. Then when my boys wanted what was ours back he kept …

  • Message from kings blade.

    Men in medbay started fight. Scenario contrived. Instigated scenario to make the fight happen. They have been turned. If no action is taken one will die of injuries. Rallying cry around this. Will instigate mutiny if given chance. Do with this …