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  • Dr Galfrein

    A suspected heretic. Many are wary of her and her ideas yet she seems to operate with impunity. The inquisition may be linked with her. These meatheads will never see it coming. "He's out of the way, No one else knows, That whore is on the port, …

  • Rapheo Greatheart

    "Only doctor I've ever liked" -Burning Hands Murphy "I got a job for you, We'll be needing help, Will be saving many, It'll be awful again, You'll suffer as we all do, It'll be a bad time, It's what is needed to get everyone out of this though, …

  • Ortaga Khalat

    "He's a quack, He's a freak, I'd steer clear of him" -'Lucky' "I'd like to meet him and compare notes." -Fes Iopa "I'd rip him to shreds, Mostly people don't trust me, Don't make that mistake here." -Mangella Tasmaser

  • Bomb

    "Whatever you need, I'll need supplies, I'll need space, And I'll need that in writing." "Let's see. Black market has got a real stranglehold on my 'art', Ahem! I think I'll produce something great, Win a contract from the captain, Then run a …

  • Dr Pnoko Liuh

    "A fraud I say, A fraudulent fraud, A schiester, A Flim-Flam man. I don't like the fellow." -Col. Arthur 'Blue Blood' Persival

  • Urador Fantarvo

    "The dead add to our ranks, The wracks add to the warband, Flesh is required, The Monkeigh queen understands this, Another flesh sculptor exists here, Lesser, inexperienced and lacking in talent, Their creations lack in subtlety and subservience, …