Tag: Chaos


  • Teguloss Titeross

    "I see nothing wrong with a little pretend, It's unfortuanate the failure of the lord techpriest, I do so enjoy breaking little flowers myself"

  • Darkholme

    "The shadows of the night fall upon you. A gash cutting through the flesh, A strike of ruby red, A final heartbeat then oblivion, RAGGH."

  • Phillipa Desiren

    "To understand us you have to understand the basis of humanity. All humanity has desires, All humanity has fears, Each individual feels an aspect of emotion, Emotion is dictated by these base feelings, To not feel is to lose humanity, Chaos is a …

  • Vermine Forzen

    "The corruption that flows through, I feel it writhe within me, It festers, It crawls through me, I embrace it, I accept it, It empowers me, I'm stronger than all thanks to it."

  • Poxial

    "Rot, Death, Rebirth, This is the basic process leading to eternal servitude, In death they shall face something more than in life, They shall face misfortune, Pain, True despair, This all leads to a satiating miasma, A bouquet all for the plague …