Tag: Arbites


  • Bull

    "He stares and punches, doesn't really speak, you'll get a grunt if he likes you, oh yeah, he loves me" Brotater Gangemell "Sounds cold, See you there."

  • Bat

    "I think of keeping the peace as ignoring the other bosses and doing your own thing." "Ahh, Things are quiet now, Not much doing, Just same old same old, No more terrorists, No more crazy shit going on, Just the same old degenerates, The same …

  • Vanna Loi

    "Those three have a competition or something going on. Dealing with that... I'll need some outside help." "I'm ready, We head out, Martial law is declared on port, Inform the navy and make it so."

  • Slug

    "I've been shafted over and over, If you'll pay I'll do it, Ain't got no loyalty, Ain't got nothing left to live for."

  • Hawk

    "He's an outside contractor, From sozemen's last stand, I expeted something else but he seems to be a good alternative." -Vanna Loi

  • Jonah Hex

    "That ugly son o' a bitch, He's fucking up everything for everyone, This low world no name piece of shit, He's killing my men, He's killing my fucking assests, He is unwittingly setting everything back, I want to see him dead." -Lil' Julie

  • Jouna Grol

    "Mind destroyed, Barely functional, Follows orders, A fundamental success." "With Fes gone I need a new assistant, Try not to drool everywhere, You are a fucking abomination, A piece of flesh given life from my will alone, Don't forget that, …