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Astropath Transcendent's Private Log

Next ship. Could be worse. There was a problem with area as besides the former void master’s activities, there was a xenos infestation. We lost a great deal but not too much damage to the ship. Can see problem arising with the Missionary but will work to overcome this.
This ship seems familiar.

Memo for the attention of the lord seneschal
For authorised personal only

Astropath begin speaking today
Will inform information officer.
“They will end it all.
They don’t understand,
One seeks destruction and absolution,
The other seeks control and dominion,
And the other… The other…
Emperor protect us!”
Subject then violently haemorrhaged.

Message carved into what seems to be grox hide
To the rogue trader,

No sight of messenger found,
no change in security observed,
suggest guard to Rogue trader be increased

Re: astropaths
Report from the 1st spy of lord seneschal Luscius Faraday

As a follow up to the message from the astropath in our Med bay I personally looked into the prophecy.

Reports are coming in from 7 identified systems and further reports are expected.
I ask our transcendent to look into it if you so please.

I will report on any other findings.
I also ask that the tech priest and missionary to consult ancient texts available to their relevant organisations.

I feel as though this may be important and though comes from psykers and therefore fundementaly unreliable but if the meaning can be determined it may be a great asset.

I surrender myself to your better judgement

An open message in reference to the marriage.

Dear nephew,
I’m writing in reference to your wedding. As the patriarch of the esteemed and venerated fortune family I allow my scions a degree of autonomy but I question this decision. She is a low born unknown to this oppulent house. Even if my daughter failed me and you being a half blooded cousin are not expected as much as her. She will be vetted by a man known as count Bellot. I eagerly await his response and pray to the holy emperor she meets the required criterium. If not you know what will happen. I do not expect much but if you poison and disgrace my line you will be dealt with accordingly. If you succeed in bringing honour to the family I will consider official patronage and placing you into the main line.

As this is an open message I decree that all upon the naughtilus’ high command to be vetted by the count as well. Any who disagree are to lose their station and be dealt with as my nephew decides. I expect complete deference to my nephew till he proves himself incompetent. Upon that he is to be summarily executed and my ship returned to me where the relinquisher will be heavily rewarded. Strength must be shown in these uncertain times and the next world you head to ma be your last. Honour my family with your sacrifice.

Patriarch of the Fortune family.

An Investigation Into the Prophecy
For The Personal Attention Of The Inner Circle

I have asked around amongst the adeptus astra telepathica, the prophecy is most likely recent and still relevant. It started when a contingent of monks disappeared on Decimus 50 years ago, two continents divided, a civil war and a great inferno. I am hoping that perhaps others can provide more context to this. I feel that this is important in some way and could potentially cause great suffering. If there are any further inquiries I would prefer to answer them in person.

Medical on "the engineer"
5th day

Complaints of poor sleep.
Generally tired and says sick.
Scarring on upper back, lower back appears as whiping.
Scarring reminiscent of knife wounds to lower abdomen.
Sickness unidentifiable
Considered infection from scarring seems inconsistent.
Either invasive and undectable by the medical team on deck.
Suggest either crew or expert versed in medicine observes her.
Also suggest psych evaluation to discover if the disease is mental.
Also background check requested for rogue trader review and assignment.

Message via mind wiped guardsman
Unknown sender

Look forward to cooperation
Must work together
I’ll reveal myself on Fornel

-Guardsman taken into custody awaiting questioning at the lord’s pleasure

Message to rogue trader
Message from chief gunner on main batteries

I’m unhappy and want a reimbursement.
That arse in the pink coat came with the sick looking bitch from engineering.
Played me and my boys couple of games of poker.
He cheated I swear to the emperor.
Then when my boys wanted what was ours back he kept laughing saying he didn’t cheat.
I couldn’t prove it but I haven’t cheated and as such am not skilled in it.
Says he couldn’t possibly.
Kept calling us stupid or something.
When in our rights tried to take it the bitch put us in the medbay.
Probably baited us on purpose.
He’s in intelligence ain’t he that means he can do sleight of hand and crap.
And she must be in on it too.
Clearly there as a beater or an enforcer.
They’ve weakened the ships defences if nothing else.
They should be punished for that.
Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re outside agents.

I’m a loyal servant and will follow your will just hope you make the right choice.


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