Rogue trader 1

The Pact Formed

“Hmm so you’ve arrived.”-Winter

“Yes I thought I’d be 1st but I suppose you were more eager to see us,
Size up your allies so to speak.”-Spring

“No I… I had nowhere else to go, the palace isn’t safe any longer.”-Winter

“How so?”-Spring

“We can discuss that when the others arrive. Summer has a long way to travel, Autumn also.”-Winter

“You speak as you know them.”-Spring

“No I… I haven’t met any of them, I can’t even be sure you are spring yet.”-Winter

“You are starting to understand, There is at least one deceiver of forms utilised by the enemy. This type of warfare is new to you correct?”-Spring

“Yes. Now proof. On the count of three.”-Winter



“Alright now that formalities are out of the way we have a number of hours before the next arrival.”-Spring

“Perhaps days, the green tide bars one way and the corpse army is marching the other.”-Winter

“We are in no man’s land.”-Spring

“Our world is a no man’s land.”-Winter

“The guardian has fallen. Perhaps a year now maybe longer.”-Spring

“I saw the planet crumble in the night’s sky. The outsiders resolved to destroy it. To start the cycle, that’s what she said right?”-Winter

“Indeed the new cycle, I am unsure on it’s meaning.”-Spring

“Our roles and our previous masters roles.”-Winter

“Leaders not masters. I was not bound like you were.”-Spring

“Of course I apologise, I did not mean…”-Winter

“Disregard it, I…. it is irrelevant for the proceedings.”-Spring

“That is not true, we are still human, one should not deny their feelings.”-Winter


“Like two lovebirds already.”-???


“Maybe how would be a better question? Perhaps being aware of your surroundings would be more appropriate than this fraternisation.”-???

“Reveal yourself.”-Spring

“In due time. The girl is marked by my rifle, prove yourselves or I’ll fire.”-???

“How can we trust….”-Winter

“Do as he said, If he fires he will reveal his position and either of us can slay him before his next shot.”-Spring


“Reveal yourself now!”-Winter

“Yes, I am entering with my hands raised and seal revealed.”-Autumn

“Hmph the offworlder.”-Winter

“I was born unto the cold embrace and shall be embraced once more at the end what I do between these two points is my own choice.”-Autumn

“One left then. How is it you arrive so early.”-Spring

“What is dead can no longer die.”-Autumn

“What does that mean?”-Spring

“You passed through the corpse army?”-Winter



“It is as I said.”-Autumn

“We need to trust each other and hiding secrets will not build the comradery required for the up and coming battles.”-Winter

“How would you suggest building trust, exploiting the innocence of a tribal girl too foolish to truly grasp the situation.”-Autumn

“Why you dishonourable cur…”-Winter

“I can handle myself…”-Spring

“Is that all it takes to enflame your tempers, what a poor show, my evaluation of you so far is rather poor the only worse you could be doing is to have died before making it to the meeting location.”-Autumn

“You wish to gain my ire fool”-Winter

“You cannot stand to either of us marksman, you are not a true warrior.”-Spring

“Yes quite, awaken me when our last compatriot arrives.”-Autumn

“You arrogant…”-Winter

“Leave him, we are allies no matter how dislikeable they are.”-Spring

“You are correct.”-Winter

“The shield has joined the future also, that is relevant information for you two to ponder.”-Autumn


“Yes, what he speaks is the truth unfortunately.”-Winter

“But the shield is to protect Fornel.”-Spring

“We are to protect Fornel, the shield is to protect something greater.”-Winter

“The wood of lost dreams?”-Spring

“That is but a fairy tale.”-Winter

“No it is a forest wild and free flowing continually goring never slowing.”-???


“Yes, my mark.”-Summer

“You don’t wish to see ours, hmm?”-Autumn

“You have already verified yourselves so I need not do it again.”-Summer

“What if this is an ambush or trap.”-Winter

“Is it?”-Summer

“Er no, it is not, no.”-Winter

“Then all is fine is it not?”-Summer

“The youthful are always na├»ve.”-Autumn

“Haha, I’m not young, I am the oldest here, I have been asleep for so very long is all.”-Summer

“How did you arrive so speedily?”-Spring

“Ah I know the oldest passages of my world, the forgotten corners, the lost catacombs, places where only the long dead lie, no one has disturbed them in millennium yet I must to save this world. The Iron men have been cleansed so they are navigable. A threat which has already been removed.”-Summer

“Now we are all here the queen…”-Winter

“The Past.”-Spring

“Yes the er…. the past is no longer what she once was, she is changed.”-Winter

“The present is corrupted by dealings with madmen and so called ‘inquisitors’.”-Spring

“The future has remained and only gained strength and allies.”-Autumn

“Ok there are a number of xenos insurgents, Arch-enemy squadrons and expanding Imperial presences.”-Winter

“The Forest grows larger each day, the iron men have fallen and so has the guardian, the old king is missing as is his advisor and blade. The advisor has sent a creature to convene with us but it is still in transit. Furthermore the old destroyers have died out. Mayhaps new ones have taken their place I am uncertain, The man on fire still circulates though remains hidden.”-Summer

“The Prince is also acting here is he not?”-Autumn

“The Prince?”-Winter

“A powerful member of the elder race bound by sorcerous intent to alleviate the problem as it sees fit.”-Autumn

“The warmaster and the spymaster are unobserved.”-Spring

“Do we know who a lot of these individuals even are?”-Winter

“No, we do not.”-Spring

“I have met the warmaster and the spymaster, when I was a small girl, they saved us all but who knows how they have changed.”-Summer

“The shield has sided with the future.”-Spring

“The shield is a madman bound and broken it has no sides but it’s own, it is seeking it’s power as it always has.”-Summer

“The fool? The beast?”-Autumn

“Unknown what or who they are, their roles are the most flexible.”-Spring

“What about the fallen, The creator, The seer, The warrior?”-Autumn

“Once more we don’t know.”-Spring

“The old king and the prisoner are still secure but for how long remains to be seen.”-Summer

“I am worried.”-Winter

“Good, there is the very real chance we shall all fall without influencing the course of events at all but we are branded. We must try to succeed in our roles.”-Summer

“Do not fret we can accomplish this.”-Spring

“The other world how does that relate to Fornel?”-Autumn

“Triage… It also must be dealt with the same way.”-Summer

“The seal must be reapplied.”-Summer

“For Fornel!”-Winter

“Ha, For Fornel”-Summer
“Yes, For Fornel”- Spring

“We should move.”-Autumn

Report of murders
A notable case

2 bodies found at 00:03 near to the major gun batteries.
They were equidistant between the two batteries.
They have a single lesion to the abdomen which is considered to be the cause of death.
Major damage to internal organs through perferations caused by a bladed weapon.
Suspects range widely but no concrete leads.

Astropath Transcendent's Private Log 2
Written Day 8 early morning

The wedding could have gone better. I hope that the cultists are dealt with. At this moment all I can do is pray & work, sleep is not something I want to face I have all details I need on the matter that I can gather. I have been having some difficultlies with the former choirmaster Kal-in Drev. He seems to delight in making my life difficult. I will have to find some way to placate him but how? The other members of high command are odd especially the missionary she delights in fights and is never in the chapel. She is an enigma. I will have to find a way to get to know everyone better. Should be challenging

Survivors of the massacre
all survivors died after 1st level treatments

“It was a monster”
“It was death”
“it was a beast”
“It… It”
1st casualty
“The thing… it wasn’t there”
“it spoke………….”
2nd casualty
“It said it wasn’t done… said it won’t stop……”
3rd casualty

An offfer
come day 13 00:00

doom is coming
a new day arises
retribution is key
kings will reign
have your wits about you
only you can see the truth
little resistance is shown by the others
darkness is key
show me that you have what it takes to save everything.


. ..- .. . . .. -. . ..— ..- . .- . -. ..- .- .- .- .- .- … .— -

Theran's report for the I.B.
Day 12

I’ve seen enough of the ship to know what I need to.
You have a multitude of infiltrators.
You have a serious of missing personel.
The people are placated currently but dissent remains.
I suppose you are performing adequetly.
I wonder what will happen on Fornel.
I look forward to it.

Medical report by the assistant chief medical officer.
recieved day 7 19:35

Subject Ciatra Dimatro.
Daughter of a religious family of no note.
The team has found no physical damage or entry wounds.
On deeper examination the subject’s nervous system is decaying at a rapid rate.
The team has inserted an automatic clockwork pacemaker.
This keeps her heart beating.
We have inserted a false lung machine that siphons the blood oxygenates it then pumps it throughout the body.
The food is broken down and circulated into the blood as neccesary nutrients.
Her body will decay and there is an almost nil chance of any recovery.
The rogue trader’s orders will be enforced but this is unsustainable.

Acting director of medicine
Galana Krensh

Missive from the princess
Letter arrives day 9 12:00

I am glad to address you as 1st lady of the ship.
I wish it to be known that I will participate in any joint ventures between my office and any other great office on this magnificent ship.
My assistant can be routinely found in the librarium and on the mainn bridge.
I look forward to the continued support from the populace of the ship.
Thank you for your precious time.
Glory to the emperor.

Note of absence
recieved day 8 19:00

Mr Gangemell failed to report in.
His living area was checked but he wasn’t recovered.
He is considered guilty of dereliction of duty.

Letter of resignation
Recieved 00:00 on day 8 for the explorator

I am sorry,
I cannot work for you anymore,
I cannot stay with you anymore,
I cannot stay in the my current role,
I do not wish to see you again,
I hope you change,
I hope you realise what you’ve done.

The engineer.


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