Angela Featherfallen

Resilience in illness, strength in weakness and vengeance in betrayal




An angelic mutant saved from the genocide carried out by Starbane.
She seems to have a link to a higher power and is a devout follower of the God-Emperor.

“She seems sick”
“What do you care she doesn’t do that much work?”
“Well it’s sad you know”
“I don’t she just dotes on the lord tech priest,
Could’ve picked a more reliable bodyguard”
“You shouldn’t question his wisdom!”
“I know, I know It just bugs me”
Exerpt of conversation implicating workers Sabein and Tommlein in sedition and dereliction of duty
Subjects converted to servitors as is standard protocol

The pain never leaves.

“I am unsure,
My purpose,
My life,
My goals,
I have none,
No purpose,
I live but without a goal…
I shall continue my duty but must find something to accomplish.”

“This happened when?
Galia I understand it can be hard but listen to me,
Severe illness,
A confusion and lack of focus,
A draining feeling,
I know this well,
Someone has maliciously assaulted you mind,
Whether something has been added or taken we cannot be sure,
The delirious feeling you have is perhaps a side effect.
Now I have checked your hairline and skull,
You have no incisions or scars so the result is likely a psychic intrusion,
A vile witch propagating their hateful agenda,
This may be a little overwhelming but you don’t need to worry,
This feeling will pass,
I know a number of ceremonies to cleanse the mind,
The spirit is harder,
I can work with you if you wish,
I will also endeavour to find out who did this,
I am sorry you had to go through with this.”

Angela Featherfallen

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