Duke Scattershot

"The legend never dies."




A legendary pirate who sometimes flies the stars and sometimes sails the seas.
Once believed to have killed a deamon of gluttony in a drinking contest… the ecclesiarchy condem this of course.
In truth he appears as a tough and lucky man to all around but he has some smarts in his alcohol ridden mind.

The duke,
the devil,
the doom,
the last days of a legend.

“I suppose you deserve to know,
530 years ago,
System Xartih,
World called dusk,
I was younger,
It was the 1st cycle whatever that means,
Back then I was a cabin boy 15 years o’ age,
I was like all the others showed a vision of the future,
The sweat of a man’s brow would be what earned their place in the world,
Not birthright,
Not institution,
A vision where a man could pick his own destiny…
Well we all, everyone one of us, descended onto the planet,
It wasn’t what I was expecting to be honest,
It had been a small slaving post to capture natives and move them on,
Had a small amount of solid promethium as well which was being mined,
The settlement was a true city however,
100,000 strong,
I thought numbers mattered back then,
So this place 5 times as large as all of us,
I was scared,
I held my nerve though,
Stole some rotgut,
A Catachan recipe,
Special stuff,
Real strong,
My first drink.
We had been told that these people were traitors, heretics!
And it was our right! NO OUR DUTY! To slay these fiends,
to the last,
No one had questioned that,
Almost no one but that comes later,
We were given weapons and under dead of night we approached,
We gathered up and silently removed the town… city guards,
Volunteers all,
Found out 26 of the 520 served in the guard or another military arm,
200 of the 520 were young men close to my age back then,
In 15 minutes they’d all fallen,
0 losses,
I know I overexaggerate in most of my tales but 0,
That is a decisive victory,
A massacre,
I wasn’t involved in that wave of the ‘assault’,
But I was on watch,
I saw a girl 17 years old,
Met her lover,
He was 18,
She was a bakers daughter,
Average intelligence,
Average in every way really,
The boy was a scumbag a known rapist,
I don’t know what pushed those two together that night,
I wish I did,
Fills in the tale more when you know the stories around the tale,
Her father died when she was young,
Her mother struggled for a while before remarrying,
Then the baker comes in,
Imperial records,
Signed by overseer Tychu
Dead 466 year,
So the girl and boy were together,
Ha her first time,
A memorable one,
I didn’t call out to anyone,
I went down with my flint,
My blade,
Shot the boy from behind,
Silenced of course,
Thought about taking the girl for myself,
Wouldn’t have been the first time,
Conquests of war,
Not this time though,
Bullet went through,
Into her head,
Into her brain,
Ending her life,
I hate Taste but she was beautiful in that moment,
He was right about that,
nothing noble and bright like he thinks though,
Something dark,
A matter of power over life and death,
Destiny and faith,
In that moment you’re closest to the Emperor,
Maybe it’s a mixture of adrenaline, the alcohol and lust,
I watched her twitch,
A fucking grin on my face,
Watched the light leave her eyes,
She lay there,
Like a broken doll,
My boson found me,
Didn’t say anything but roused me from my trance,
I headed then into the city,
He said good work,
The only praise I ever got from that bastard was for that moment,
That moment…
We entered the city,
It was already burning when I entered,
Everything crumbling,
It was overtaking,
It tugged at my soul,
Tugged literally,
We didn’t notice in carnage,
In the flames,
Not yet anyway but soon,
I unlike the others;
Thank the Emperor;
I saw it,
The Captain,
Sebastian Haarlock,
Shoot his seneschal,
He was called Tevar Jikoo,
He stumbled half his head missing and cursing,
He stabbed the captain,
The only murder he’d ever tried to commit,
Before this Haarlock had taken the expanse through guile more than arms,
But he was a military mastermind,
With an equally talented army,
Today he killed his best friend,
Tevar was shot again,
He fell,
To rise later,
Different name,
Same fucking judging face,
He was there too,
He was a part of it,

Seeing this was unprecedented but when the captain said not to worry,

No one went against his orders,
People knew what the captain did…
Tevar as it turns out didn’t,
He tried to appeal to the captain,
Tried to stop what happened next,

I don’t know why they didn’t see it,
Don’t know why I did,
0 casualties of hard experienced fighters,
Warriors and soldiers all,
That was flipped,
Almost complete casualties,
2 made it out alive,
The sky it was red and black,
Purple and blue,
It looked like it was breaking,
Emperor protects
The captain had made a blood sacrifice,
100,000 souls in a city he’d built,
He’d owned,
He’d readied,
And he’d massacred,
They didn’t see what I did,
It comes much later when you pillage you see,
The coins,
They had his face on them,
Then I knew it was a trap,
The end,
A massacre,
I’ve tried to remember details of what happened then,
I can’t,
But what I do see is the deamons,
The death,
Flashes all,
People thing I can’t sleep due to my life support,
I just can’t close my eyes,
I remember waking up,
5 miles away,
Ran all that way,
My feet bleeding,
Then I saw then the witnesses of dusk,
The told me what happened,
Helped me,
I’d helped slaughter their world and they nursed me back to health,
And afterwards,
When I’d healed,
When they’d used their magics on me,
I slaughtered them,
All of them,
Had my way with a couple,
Thought if I could show Haarlock I was as merciless as him,
Thought I could…
They musta cursed me,
Or a side effect of what healed me,
But I became what I am now,
Then I was more than human,
That was before I decayed to what you see now.
I went back after a week,
Found Tevar,
He explained everything,
Said how we’d been betrayed,
Told the tale of how he’d witnessed it all,
He was strange one,
Truly carefree but then,
Then he was harder,
He helped me,
Clung to me,
Built me into what would be me,
What I am today,
He broke me,
Taught me,
Fathered me,
He wasn’t even angry when I killed him,
Killed is the wrong word but there are no others,
He forgot me,
Mostly at least,
But he didn’t let me forget,
When he taught me he forced his ideals on me,
He forced his world on me,
A world of pain and death,
I cannot leave that,
I’m still trapped there still,
That bitch,
Jarrack’s sister,
She will know that if she isn’t lucky enough to die,
So you wanted to know a bit of the story of my life,
There it is,
Now I’m a wolf with no fangs,
A broken doll,
I’m just waiting now,
Waiting to die,
All the while being trapped by people,
Unable to move on,

Now you’ve got what you wanted so leave.
Never show your face again,
Every death may hurt me more than you could imagine but for you…

I’ll make an exception.”
-Duke Day 1

I’m ready,
Gonna do this,
So I’ve got no clue what to do,
I gotta protect some stuff,
Set up my legacy,
Ah I suppose,
Well at the moment gotta look after Vivieen,
Can’t let Jerrak down again,
Jeez I guess it’ll be ok.”

Duke Scattershot

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