"Marvellous, simply marvellous."




“Now let’s see,
How marvellous it is,
I’m prepared now for what comes next,
Now friends heed me whilst I allow you some knowledge.
The factions seeking to claim the blasted world,
The Imperial guard led by Col. Baum seeking the Emperor’s glory,
The Imperial Navy’s Admiral Cavarn seeking to overcome past mistakes,
The Past and her droves of flesh beings but something strange is happening there,
Never mind that I suppose,
The Present and his horde of locals and his ‘spiritual’ connections,
The future and his legion of clones, mercenaries and actual weapons of war,
The inquisitor and his band under his own objective,
Not theirs remember it well,
The consortium and their mystical, insidious and criminal motivations,
An evil yet to be seen in action,
As a complete unit that is,
The inquisitorial warband in their glorious hunt,
Then the old Deacon and his collective of true believers,
The archenemy but they filter so freely into one another who’s to discriminate,
Then the Eldar who are divided but as of yet I’m unsure on how,
Their dark brethren if information is to be believed,
The Orks, The damnable greenskins,
The steelmen are lacking currently,
The remnants of the Cordellia clan,
There are some upon the Thornhold’s entering this escalating war,
Bellot’s also thrown his hat into the ring,
A guardian of some form to be dealt with at some opportunity,
Another xenos race to be contended with I assume.
A story I’ve yet to verify tells of the shadows together at the end,
Yet to be seen I’m afraid,
That Starbane and his remaining allies have fallen from the stage as of late,
Interesting if a player has already fallen from the stage,
A few more remain,
The monsters and oddities,
Of course the final and all important if somewhat fractured and doomed crew of the Nautilus.
Ah There they are now.
I better do my best to prepare my arrival,
This world is dangerous,
They will most assuredly allow an ally of my calibre,
Marvellous, simply marvellous.
Ho there travellers,
Marvellous Chester at your service,
Allow me to parley with your grand gathering.”

“Ah well,
You seem to wish to know more do you,
Well that is rather unfortunate,
You understand what you do,
I will tell you what I decree,
I’m very resistant to torture,
How could I know that’s what you were thinking,
You’re a very simplistic man,
A small mercenary sent after a man with little information,
Well the interesting thing about this is you were never supposed to kill me,
You were always meant to die,
Let’s reward your employer for their diligence shall we.”


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