Brotaster Gangemell

"I've had enough of children, I'm gonna make sure this throne-damned universe acts as not a battlefield."




An information broker.
A jeering instigator.
A Force to be watched.

Chief investigators findings on the background check into Mr Gangemell
“No birth certificate,
No home world
No known parents,
No prisoner number,
Not even any sealed information,
Either this guy doesn’t exsist or he was just born this doesn’t happen.
As an extra note he claims to be working for this intelligence service,
This is unconfirmed,
As a note to the rogue trader and seneschal I request execution to tie this headache up”

At 02:30 on day 7 Brotaster was seen for the 1st time
Recording is as follows:
At 02:30 he was seen entering the main chapel
At 02:35 he was seen seating himself uncomfortably inside
At 03:00 he seemingly started praying
At 03:02 he stands and paces
At 03:10 he jumps on the spot a boxes shadows then cracks his neck
At 03:20 he kneels prostalating and prays again
At 03:22 he stands again and walks slowly to the preacher’s podium
At 03:25 he does a mock sermon, nose seems to bleed
At 03:48 he laughs and sits among the pews once again
At 03:52 he begins pacing
At 04:00 he stops and walks to the exit
At 04:05 he returns to the pews and sits in the foetal position
At 04:35 he kneels to pray again
At 04:38 he stands and paces
At 04:55 he overturns the podium and begins shouting “what do you want from me!?” Directly to the recording device
At 05:00 he sits seemingly exhausted on the overturned podium
At 05:10 he stands and returns the podium to its upright position
At 05:11 he sits among the pews
At 05:22 the lights in the church fail
At 05:27 he is found lying amongst the overturned pews
At 05:40 he stands up limply and replaces the pews to their correct position
At 05:52 he falls to the floor
At 05:59 he stands and sprints then slides to the church door.
At 05:59 the astropath transcendent enters the church
At 06:00 the subject is not viewed again.

Throne, my head, it never ends

“One day I’ll find it,
The end of all this,
A time to close my eyes,
Just once I like to see someone live,
Just once I’d…
-His goodbye

“Here we go again,
Looks like it’s repeating,
This time though….
I still don’t know what they want,
I still don’t know what even is there,
Guess I’ll found out soon enough,
Well I’ve got a side at least,
Who knows how rotten and littered with spies it is,
Who knows anything about the proceedings,
I sure don’t,
That’s worrying,
I’ve started remembering things,
I’m losing my touch,
I can’t read people as well,
Their motivations,
Their ideals,
Everything is masked,
How many lifetimes are in my head,
No wonder I can’t squeeze any more in,
I’m not able to hear it anymore,
The whispers of the soul,
Well as long as I don’t let on who’s gonna know,
I’m still in this game,
And due to some accursed fate we’re already on our way,
This is maybe the worst possible result,
All of us have sins that seem to come back to face us,
World of lost dreams,
World of devoured hope,
I guess it makes sense now,
Emperor protects the faithful,
Do you’re job and protect them then,
No one can help me anymore.”

“I understand that,
She saved you Sir,
Then I guess you get to stick around,
But the rest,
People need to die sometimes.”

Brotaster Gangemell

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