Bartrum Greeves

A respectable gentleman




A wisened man,
serves dutifully,
rumour was he’s a hero.

“I always wondered on the future,
Whenever my parents came home from treating the septic systems of the tertiary hive on Grinhelm,
I considered what my life would be like,
Wondered if I could change the world,
Maybe even the universe,
Be something more than a small boy from a no name hive world,
A dashing Hero or glorious king,
An intrepid adventurer,
Ha, no no,
A fool’s dream is what they said,
Now I sit all three alert and awake but still dreaming of the future…
I know I haven’t got long left…
I know I, personally this is, I haven’t accomplished anything in the grand scheme of things,
I’ve seen the rise of the great Rogue Traders,
The Haarlocks being the greatest of these,
What remains of them?
The advent of dusk and the Tyrant star?
No nothing but whispers remain,
In a way Sebastian would have liked that I suppose,
This Fortune Fellow?
I am not sure he has the resolve of Haarlock but…
He has brought people around him,
The talented and strong,
The desperate and the Damned,
Well in any case I shall not have to bear wittness for much longer.
Goodbye old friend,
Keep her safe and remember who you are…
You only hurt yourself when you see them die.”
-Bartrum Greeves to his last Comrade

Bartrum Greeves

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