Angelina the Repentant

"Emperor deliver us"




“We must bring all of our forces to bear,
There will be no respite for our enemies,
We will in turn have no respite,
Which is why all tools must be used in equal order,
This is my addition to the forces,
I re-forged her with my own hands,
She will now be a bearer of faith forever more.”

Deacon Lightbringer: How does the thing operate? I do not recognise the technology even if I understand the significance.
Confessor Maltine: The subject is hard wired into the penitent engine, to enhance their, let’s say redemption.
Countess Davine: An allegory to the war sarcophagi of the Astartes.
Angelus Vantez: Do not compare my brothers to this filth.
Countess Davine: My sincerest apologies Lord please forgive me.
Angelus Vantez: Hmph
Gracia Del’Mont: It is barbarous.
Illana Pict: I agree.
Confessor Maltine: It is self inflicted; a choice made, a choice honoured.
Chaliced Commisar Mu Yeng: Bah she shouldn’t have had a choice, let a heretic live and they’ll be loyal till an opportunity for betrayal, burn the heretic and they’ll be loyal for the rest of their life.
Hammersmith Yardley: Quite.
Deacon Lightbringer : I understand now. That will be all.
Confessor Maltine: I haven’t explained anything yet?
Yue Ying: The deacon dismisses you, farewell.

Angelina the Repentant

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