Rogue trader 1

The list

Murphy, ‘Burning Hands’:-
POI: Praecia’s family, The Tranth calamity, The Faraday purge.
Bettra, Bella:-
POI: The silasian dominate, The Pale Throng, The Derminus campaign, Antivan IV
The Ork is a high priority threat. See Ardamantua… Target Primarus
Tervat, Silas; Unrado, Kiluy; Verrat, Poinnet; Anchorage, Alliat; Berntrage, Walter, etc; Current designation Gangemell, Brotaster:-
POI: Assume all till proven otherwise.
Addendum: All knowledge is varied and potentially missing, mental instability confirmed.
Chester, ‘Marvellous’, Haithat, Suliaman
Possible fake;
POI: The Calixian disbarment, trial case #111-127,573,584,394, The Malfian tragedy
Bellot, Arthur:
POI: The Malfian Tragedy, The Calixian disbarment, The Pale Throng
Cra’ozahis, Dazavhar
See the Winterscale Realm report
Lightbringer, Franquias
The Calixian disbarment, The fall, Antivan IV
The Dragons of the Lathes Target Secundus
Lacal, Tevarian
POI: The Dusk incident, The Pale throng, The Halo star expedition, The Fall, The Fallen sun, The Tyrant star calamity.
Gunnt, Fydor
POI: Project Dusk, The Pale throng, The Malfian tragedy
Eyeclone, Gregor
POI: The Tyrant star calamity
Assume fake
Trassk, Bolivar
No knowledge recorded, Vannus temple collaboration assumed, Target Primarus
Domar Korrack Terruck Schmall Pherox Cordar Spenac Wvilheim, Valrez
POI: The Calixian disbarment, The pale throng, Antivan IV, The Fall, The Tyrant star calamity, The Faraday Purge
Starbane, Killian
POI: Project Dusk
Target Secundus

“This is all we managed upon.”
“We will have the rest soon.”
“Understood sir.”



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