Rogue trader 1

The blademaster

“She’s dead then.” Gurneo sat across from the informant. A small shrivelled man that had lacked both the benefits of a life under natural sunlight and a legacy above that of a slave.
“She is my lord. Her blade passed onto a protector.” The informant wheezed.
Gurneo focused for a moment. He had meant to take the blade at their last meeting. A defeat that would have earned a most holy relic. That bitch got in the way he thought allowing the judge’s face settle into his mind’s eye. He had no time for distractions. He rose, knowing that his presence would be required in the Thergald system. If he was to continue his work he had to also satisfy his employers.
“Sir?” The informant looked confused, “I have not told you the name of the one with the blade.”
“If she passed it on it will be the one she was travelling with. Besides that is not the only relic I am to acquire from those ingrates.” Turning to face the informant he glared fiercely into the man’s eyes. He was met with the aversion of the man’s eyes. “You have your payment I shall take my leave, stay silent your voice is an irritant.” Gurneo needed silence to focus on the tasks ahead. To keep his anticipation concealed. It would be a long journey. One in which his employer assumed he would venture towards Fornel. He would not. He decided to investigate the tombs of the old worlds. Try to find out all he could about the blade’s origin. Give it the proper respect it deserved. She deserved it also, she once was a great warrior before acting as an assassin, a hired murderer. There was no glory, no honour in that work. Before he realised he was in the lower areas of port. The so called ‘murder alley’. The lower classes had a way with words Gurneo remarked to himself. He walked these streets occasionally. Enough to attract attention but not enough to be remembered. Occasionally he would force confrontations to clean some of the port’s filth, that and test his sword arm against multiple disadvantaged opponents. Today he moved swiftly and silently. He passed the usual ambush spots without so much of a murmur. That girl how did she die? Who managed the final blow? Loyalist? Heretic? Xenos? Friend or foe? The thoughts swirled in his head. He imagined duels but could not easily place another in the victory position. A shame he thought. He would be there soon for two blades of light. He would have his prizes. No matter the opponent he would take the blades one way or another.



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