Rogue trader 1

List pt.2

Grumscrum, Kinnie
POI: Pale Throng, Antivan IV
Yilla, Prudence, ‘Lady Mask’
POI: The Sevran Dominate, The Pollax Insurgence, The Frill Insurgence
Target Primarus
POI: Stricken form record
Granther, Laurien
POI: The Emergence, Project Dusk, The Fallen Sun, The Tyrant Star calamity
Crypt, Dominus, Carron Fivarius
POI: The Malfian Tragedy, The Frill Insurgence
Otriga, Lilith
POI: The Zeist Campaign, The Fall
Yagaw, Fabius
POI: The Calixian Disbarment, The Malfian Tragedy
Full-Bright, Lutica
POI: The Tyrant Star Calamity
Hawforth, Titania
POI: The Fallen Sun
Tassmaser, Mangella
POI: Project Dusk
L’Florae, Meaganne
POI: The Calixian Disbarment, The Fall, The Fallen Sun
Yagaw, Mejula
POI: The Malfian Tragedy, The Pollax Insurgence
Maximus, Millanus Deterius
POI: The Calixian disbarment
Starbane, Millardo
POI: Project Dusk, The Fall
Target Secundus
Nailbrainz, Mister
See Big Boss Craglaw
Target Primarus
Dagon, Olivia
POI: Records unclear, for best estimates see Inquisitor Valrez
Ulamar, Rebecca
POI: Project Dusk
Khalat Ortaga
POI: The Pale Throng, Project Dusk
‘Praecia’, Hawforth, Victoria, Dagon, Julia, Ulamar, Francesca
Large inconsistencies on possible progenitors
POI: Praecia’s Family, Project Dusk, The Pale Throng, The Fall, The Calixian Disbarment, Antivan IV, The Frill Insurgence
The Eldar Prince
Target Primarus
Cammus, Putchkin
POI: The Calixian Disbarment
Faraday, Lucius
POI: The Faraday Purge
POI: Rampant Corruption, File irrecoverable.
Target Primarus
Fairburn, Jerrack
POI: Fallen Sun, The Pale Throng
POI: Fallen Sun, The Pale Throng
Proppit, Sana
POI: Project Dusk, The Emergance, Incident 127542
Hifane, Selena
POI: Assume All in minor capacity
Denant, Selvala
POI: Project Dusk
Corruption on access of Senses? All Data Erased? Query Failed? Databank Purged?
Unllinhild, Gavony
The Traanch Massacre, The Grim Genocide, The Winterscale Anhililation
Apet, Sisass
POI: Project Dusk, Antivan IV
Fortune, Slaine
The Pollax Insurgence
POI: Assume all
Xen, Steffen
POI: The Pale Throng
Fuik, Ullara
POI: The Malfian Tragedy
DeStriv, Vivienne
POI: Assume all
Ying, Yue
POI: The Calixian disbarment, The fall, Antivan IV

“Data is inconsistent at best.”
“There is that man missing.”
“What should we do here?”
“Accept the successes and defeats.”
“The memetic hazards and traps show archenemy involvement.”
“I doubt that, This is something else.”
“What sir?”
“I do not know. We should endeavour to meet the true Thornhold Patriarch to have him disclose the relavent information. Until then stay secret, stay safe.”



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