Rogue trader 1

Angel's Blessing

Is this a blessing? My heritage has returned. My wings. They move unto my will. They are grander, showier. They are so grand. I am unworthy of this. I shall not, I can not doubt. Others of the Nautilus suffer malignancies. Their bodies wracked with pain and weakness. I should lend my aid. Do what I can to assist. I know now most are wingless, I was different to them, they were all wingless. They are unproven. Unscarred. It is not they are devilish. They are just unwilling to do what they should. But, that man, that devil, he massacred my people, he showed no remorse as he violated the peace we strove for. He pierced my heart but I survived. When I face him next time I shall not have a reprieve. I must be ready. My failures shall not consume me. I was a guardian. I must be a guardian once more. I shall be the Emperor’s light. I shall purge those that dwell in the dark. There can be no forgiveness against these transgressions any longer, the darkness that corrupts man’s soul. I must honour my people. The lord-techpriest must assist me. I still cannot grasp the entire societal structure. I have some respect but I am still seen as an outsider. My language is still broken, my voice different, more brusque than others. Accented seen as an authority, not one of them, not their hero. An oppressor. They don’t understand the danger. The villains curse and deride me but so do the populace. They respect… no they fear me, my wrath. The Highers trust me. Those that are considered better than the majority. I have my wings back, a thing most personal to me, the thing most intimate. I’m trembling. I am afraid. I will not lose these things again. The people that I must protect. Those precious to me. I will not feel the loss of those around me. Pain lingers. On my back, by my heart. That man must die. By my heart. That woman surrendered her belief, her confidence in success in this task. I must do it. He has wounded me too highly. There is no forgiveness. He shall feel the Emperor’s righteous fury. I will be his hand. I will require armour. I must train before we arrive. Brickhouse has agreed. He is a good fighter. I will need to learn balance. It is strange having to learn to walk again. I shall wear my iron halo once more. I will be ready.



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