Rogue trader 1

A conversation

“You are afraid.” The thin pale face smiled at him. It’s eyes were almost black, pools of oil drowning everything inside, whatever this thing was there was no light in these eyes, dead soulless eyes. “Scream out, it will be easier when you do.” The creature’s lithe body swayed and sashayed as it moved. Moved is wrong. The creature was still, the body almost mesmerising. It must be a trick of the light the guardsman thought. His vision cloudy distorted. His body pulsing a slow beat of pain, he shrugged it off. He wouldn’t get out of this by displaying weakness. The thing positioned itself behind him. This is where primal fear struck him. The presence was gone, there was no noise, no movement, even the air was still. He tried to turn. Pain reverberated through the guardsman’s body. a small escape of air released from his lungs. His bondage tightened. “Your heart rate is accelerating.” The noise came from directly in front of him. His head bounced to where the voice should be. “Your heart it sings to me.” Directly to his right this time. He was able to glimpse the shadow. This woman, this thing was toying with him. He had seen her face. Pale, thin. Too pale, too thin.
“Xenos fil..” A swift hit to his throat silenced him.
“Dead? Disappointing. We barely got started. Then rending his flesh from the entirety of the body is a meticulous and thankless task. His drug port kept him alive for a while apparently but it stole that suffering from me. Disappointing indeed.”

She tossed herself effortlessly to the other end of the crumbling hab block she was operating in. She activated a small locator matrix integrated into the system of a sergeant’s armour. She had offered to find the location of the mon keigh on this world for the archon. To come back without results would sully her reputation. Though she had no desire in discovering the information from the corpse she did wish to have her fun. Extinguish his light. She enjoyed that. watching as the hope faded. She touched her face. A small smile had broken out on her face. A tight cutting smile born on the pleasure on the suffering of an animal. She knew it shouldn’t be there. To indulge so completely was very improper. Her expression hardened when she noticed the invisible image. The dust on the floor had shifted to cover a small number of the speckles of vital fluid.
“Oh I do despise an audience on private matters, you have always been a voyeur though haven’t you prince?” She stayed facing away from where he should be located, to hide the smile, to prepare her blade. For safety only of course she lied to herself.
“I am here to discuss our agreement.” his voice full of authority, demanding to be heard, no emotion tethered it, imperious in its delivery. She was angry at the lack of a response.
“What about it? We have everything set up appropriately. You have your toys. I have given my word. What else could it possibly be?” She presented boredom with a certain level of irritation a hint of suggestiveness on the last line and most importantly a demeaning chortle after toys. She had worked exclusively on combining expression and emotion so closely to unbalance an opponent in the gladiatorial arena, she applied her considerable talent now against an amateur of the arena but a master of the universe. If he so desired he could tear her apart with his chaotic mind, a disgusting trait of the more reserved brethren. She had to be careful whilst also applying significant pressure. She enjoyed the terror of the experience.
“I am here to warn you again to refrain from the slaughter of the Mon Keigh.” His voice judging and direct. She span to see he was closer than she expected.
“So what? I had direct duties to the Archon to discover the locations of each guardsman camp in the direct area. To leave no casualties would be suspicious.”
“Your barbarism is not required. It will impact the morale of the troops. We need them in my plan.” He always returned to the unspecified plan, some secret masterpiece he had decocted based upon foresight, premonitions and other magicks. She needed the plan to succeed but not succeed to full fruition. She of course had no comprehensive knowledge on the majority of the plan or its wide ranging impacts. She did in fact not much care.
“I needed it. My soul was slipping, the restraint you claim so easy is how I shall be devoured by she who thirsts.” This was a lie. She had never been at all close to being consumed by that most foul of things but the prince’s backstep was the precise thing she was aiming for. It also proved the fool upheld his vow to not penetrate her thoughts with his probing. She felt uncomfortable broaching the subject, she lined this with regret, a small tinge of sadness. Not directed to the human filth of course but to the reversion to the lesser form of Eldar. That is what he would perceive. She almost laughed as the prince delivered his retort.
“I am sorry.” Liar. “Try to contain yourself.” Fool. “I know it is hard.” This ignorance was inconceivable. “I shall take my leave, aim for orks or those of the dark gods’ faction.” He began to leave with regret and embarrassment in his heart. She couldn’t resist turning the knife. “It is okay Victrein, it is my burden to live with and I should have aimed to destroy those that may interfere with your plan.” Her eyes downcast and shaky. “I will aim to reach your strict rigours, I do not wish to disappoint you again.” He stopped for a moment. She had broken his composure. He walked away without a word but that weakness signified to her he believed he could change her, ‘fix’ her, save her. She knew he was slowly becoming bound to her. When he died to her hand his pain would be incredible. He would deliver her the Kabal, the system, the power of this place and his own soul. She could not think of a more fitting prize.



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